Here it is:  just for you



Where do you get the ideas

for your stories?

The ideas are easy-peasy.  Here are some examples.


One day, my oldest son and a friend went fishing in a very dangerous part of Lake Ontario--dangerous IF you went into the water.

They watched another young boy go into the water to fish closer to where fish were jumping and he got caught in the dangerous current there. In real life, that boy drowned.


But in my story, The Fisher, I had the "hero" be a natural pitcher. So he pitched a tennis ball, tied to a heavy fishing line, out to the boy and pulled him in to where someone else could then bring him to shore.

In my story, Something Special, my son and a friend, riding their minibikes, saw two men trading stolen jewelry. This story took a complicated turn, looking at how the friend's parents' divorce affected him and how they resolved that. Of course, the boys went to the police about the men, too.  

In my story,    Katy's Answer,

I used my daughter's ballet experience to write about a girl who escaped from a           raging bull by doing a                 grand jete across

               a brook.