A few years ago, I wrote a "book" as a gift and to be read at a person's bridal shower. Her sister had told me several stories of the bride-to-be's mishaps and misbehaviors, all of which I included in the story. I read it aloud at the shower and it was such a hilarious hit that I've been writing those kinds of stories by special request ever since.

Adult Loving Roast

A very popular party-pleaser, read the story aloud at a party that celebrates the person´s special birthday, engagement, anniversary (in which case both partners are roasted) and enjoy the thunderous laughter.
Price: $49.50

Young Child´s Biography

The child´s "biography" is a story written in very simple language, telling of frequent interactions with family and relatives familiar to the child. Similarly, the story will include special outings or celebrations in the child´s young life. Photos supplied by you will be scanned into the book.


This book will become the child's treasure for life. The ideal time to give such a gift is, but not limited to, when the child is between ages 3 and 5. Email me at:  onewriter31@gmail.com.
Price: $49.50



Other Personal Books

I have written these books for Christmas gifts to small children. Again, I insert photos of the subject person within the body of the book. Any occasion or story you want to give to a person will work.

Price:  $49.50

What the book looks like


The end result book measures 8 1/2" X 5 1/2" with white or black spiral binding. I usually have it printed on card stock, neutral colored, for lasting quality. Twenty pages of story is about the maximum you would want in this kind of book.


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